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Known for its gorgeous outdoor scenery and laid-back vibe, Bellingham residents care deeply about their unique communities and their quality of life.
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What’s so great about Bellingham?

Located halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, Bellingham is a city nestled right on the Puget Sound. Offering stunning views of the shimmering Bellingham Bay, this waterfront city is a dynamic blend of scenic outdoor adventure and city convenience! Bellingham is one of the top places to retire to, and it’s no wonder—it has the highest rate of breweries per capita, and its historic, charming neighborhoods are a joy to explore.

Our Mission

Like many of Bellingham’s community-minded residents, we love our beautiful city. We want to help you discover the neighborhood that’s perfect for you, whether you dream of living in a lively urban atmosphere, a charming residential setting, or in a more secluded, country-inspired area, Bellingham has it all. Let us help you discover YOUR Bellingham home!

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